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About Us

The Wedding Flashers, a husband and wife team, are premier photographers that specialize in capturing the artistic, timeless, and unforgettable moments and memories of your wedding day - or as we like to call them the "ah-ha(s)", the "ha-ha(s)" and the "ahs" ... when those moments happen, we will be there. 

As premier wedding photographers we limit the number of nuptials that we shoot annually; less is more. Doing so allows us to focus on one couple at a time and create images that are memorable and timeless. As your exclusive photographers you are allowing us the opportunity to "Let us tell your love story", therefore your images should capture the beauty, the perfection, and the emotions of your day - and even make you say "I forgot all about that" or "When did that happen?". 

We believe that our passion for photography, love of ART, and creating ART, sets us apart from others. Check out our online portfolio, along with our Beautiful Destruction(TM) Series - The ART of Love.


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